Adventure Maps

Adventure Maps

'If a picture tells 1000 words, a map represents 1000 destinations. In each of these maps, we’ve compiled a list of the ones that truly count.'


Inside this box you’ll find everything you need for the ultimate local experience.

Features Overview

Download the customised playlist with tunes that celebrate the city, then create your own adventure using the three jam-packed walking itineraries that take you to the must-see areas, stopping for the best bites, drinks and sights in the city (with extra back-up options). Finally, take advantage of this map being only ‘half full’ and scribble down your own travel discoveries. Just don’t forget to tick off all of those quintessential experiences on the score card.


Walking routes

The pack comes with three complete day plans - ready for you to commence on autopilot if you so choose. Of course, you can also use the maps as a guideline adding in your own locations along the way.


Pay it forward

We've left space on the back of the map for you to record your own discoveries along the way. You might like to keep this as a memento of your journey, frame up and put it up when you get home. Alternatively - you might have a friend or family member to send it off to that's heading there soon!


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